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The people of the Ursern Valley, the environment, and the regional economy are very close to the heart of investor Samih Sawiris and the management company Andermatt Swiss Alps. That’s why the companies bear responsibility in a number of areas.

Quality and sustainability are reflected in every detail of Andermatt Reuss. Most of the base materials used in the construction were sourced from the region, and all the buildings are built to MINERGIE® standards. This sustainable development concept and the uncompromising focus on quality and design are the best basis for longterm appreciation, making for an attractive real estate investment.

Natural building materials

The façade of the Gotthard Residences building rests on base course of stone, and that of the hotel building on a base of stacked concrete elements. Various construction methods were used for the wooden façades, which fittingly culminate with the large roof overhangs. The interiors are finished to the highest standards in terms of materials and design.

Local partner

By expanding Andermatt Reuss and cooperating with local and regional companies, new jobs are being created and sustainable added value created locally. The local architects Germann & Achermann from Altdorf (Uri), for example, were responsible for the execution of the hotel and the Gotthard Residences. The firm was previously involved in the construction of The Chedi Andermatt.

Careful management of natural resources

The apartment buildings and hotels are built to the MINERGIE® standard, a recognized Swiss quality label for sustainable and ecologically designed buildings with reduced energy requirements. Electricity and heat are generated by renewable sources, ensuring a CO2-neutral energy supply for all the properties. District heating is provided by Heizwerk Gotthard AG in Uri. Heating pipelines to Andermatt were built in 2013. The Reuss River was renaturalised in the course of the construction activities, and the centre of Andermatt Reuss is car-free. Environmental organisations were involved in the planning and construction of the golf course and the ski resort.

Positive findings of environmental monitoring in 2017

On behalf of Andermatt Swiss Alps, the consultant firm Basler und Hofmann has been conducting environmental impact assessments for Andermatt Reuss since construction began in 2009. The assessments are done in accordance with specifications approved by the Office for Environmental Protection of Canton Uri. Regarding the limiting of emissions, the machines used on the construction sites consistently meet the required environmental standards. The water courses Reuss and Dürstelenbach, adjacent to in the construction site, are monitored online in order to detect any negative effects of construction activities. The critical parameter is the pH value, which signals any inflow of concrete.

Golf course areas for nesting birds

The area of the golf course for breeding birds is of special importance for nature conservation. The Swiss Ornithological Institute in Sempach conducted surveys in 2006 (before construction began) and 2012 (when construction was completed). It was found in 2012 that certain bird species enjoy midterm benefits from the construction of the golf course. The next survey is scheduled for this year.

Cooperation with local businesses

Local and regional companies are considered whenever possible when awarding contracts, both for construction and operation. Andermatt Swiss Alps creates new jobs in the region and enables value creation. A study by Uri Cantonal Bank in collaboration with Ecoplan on the economic development of the Ursern Valley shows that the resident population of working adults (20 - 64 years) in Andermatt and its environs has been increasing since 2005. The number of employed persons has risen by more than 25 %.

No "cold beds"

One of the prime targets of Andermatt Swiss Alps is to avoid "cold beds", or seasonal vacancies of the holiday apartments. Owners are motivated with financial incentives and a well-conceived rental concept to rent out their apartments when not in use – and thereby generate income.

Less noise

Noise should not disturb a mountain village like Andermatt. That's why Andermatt Reuss is car-free. During visits, cars remain parked in the underground garage, which provides direct access to all the apartments and hotels. One hardly ever needs a car in Andermatt anyway: Motorised traffic is greatly restricted in the village centre of Andermatt and everything is well connected, so guests can easily reach any destination by foot. Andermatt is served by an efficient bus system.