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Quality and sustainability are reflected in every detail of the Holiday Village Andermatt Reuss. Most of the base materials used in the construction are being sourced from the region, and all the buildings are being built to MINERGIE® standards. This sustainable development concept and the uncompromising focus on quality and design are the best basis for longterm appreciation, making for an attractive real estate investment.





Natural building materials

The façade of the Gotthard Residences building rests on base course of stone, and that of the hotel building on a base of stacked concrete elements. The façades feature various types of timber cladding and are fittingly crowned with great overhanging roofs. The interiors are finished to the highest standards in terms of materials and design.

Local partner

The expansion of the Holiday Village Andermatt Reuss and the collaboration with local and regional businesses has created new jobs and established sustainable and local value creation. For example, the architecture and the design of the hotels and the Gotthard Residences come from the hands of the local architectural office of Germann & Achermann in Altdorf (Uri). They were also the architects responsible for the construction of The Chedi Andermatt.