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Availability and prices

Whether a three-bedroom apartment for your family or a 45-square-metre studio for your ski, golf or hiking weekends, the Gotthard Residences offer something for everyone.

Enter your desired criteria or click on any floor for a list of available apartments.

Apartment number Floor Number of bedrooms Indoor area m² Outdoor area m² Sales price Status
2T-0808 8th floor 1 51.93 2.03 Sold
2T-0809 8th floor 2 86.77 2.03 1'849'900.- Available
2T-0811 8th floor 2 84.76 4.93 1'849'900.- Available
2T-0812 8th floor 1 56.46 2.03 1'164'900.- Available
2T-0813 8th floor 3 132.82 4.06 2'859'900.- Available

91–95 of 95 apartments